Sunday, December 15, 2013

What is Google Adsense and why would you want Google Adsense website?

What is Google Adsense and why would you want Google Adsense website? 
It’s a program by Google through which you plug into any website and Google shows some text advertising on the website. Whenever some visitor clicks on an Ad, the owner of the website (You) get paid for every click.
Express Adsense Cash [EAC] is a medium which helps Advertisers all over the world to promote their Business & Products in the Online Internet Market throughout the world. Today Online Internet Marketing is the toughest Business on the earth. Using Internet Marketing one can reach any customer in any part of the world. But there is a long queue of his advertisers & each wants that their Ad should come first in the online market.
The only way to reach customers is to put Ads in any of the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Alta-Vista, MSN etc. Today Google is the World’s No.1 search engine. Daily Millions, trillions of Advertisers from all over the world use Google search engine to promote their Business and Products.
So Express Adsense Cash is in a contract with Google in promoting the Ads of their Advertisers.

What is home based earning opportunity?
You can earn unlimited income from your single website. Here we place their Advertising banners, Ads on your website.
What is the role of Google, EAC and we? How everyone is benefitted from it?
As Google is the main search engine for any type of details, Google search engine is filled with millions of Ads on every topic. Whenever a visitor searches for something on Google site, millions of search results are displayed (you can check at Now the main part is whenever a visitor clicks any Ad & surf it for around 3-5 minutes, the advertiser of that Ad is charged some amount & that amount goes directly into Google’s Pocket. It means Google get payment only when somebody clicks the Ad.
Now Google has given a big opportunity to everyone and anywhere in the world to earn the same amount from the Advertiser. Because now its not possible for Google to display trillions of Ads at a time, although each Ad is a bucket full of money. But Google can’t take it unless someone clicks the Ad. So here that money is getting wasted in front of Google’s eye which Google don’t want.
So here Google is taking help from us, by displaying these Ads on our website, rest of the game is simple-visitors visit your website, where Ads are displayed by Google, when they click on it, Google will get money from those Advertisers. Now all this happened or took place just because of your website, that is you are helping Google in promoting the Ads. Google will not make you upset, for every Ad that is clicked on your website Google will pay your commission for that click which ranges from 0.20 cents to $10 (means from Rs.8 to Rs.400).

EAC ROLE: - EAC plays a vital role between you & Google. To get started with Google is not an easy task. One should have the following things: (1) A personal website, (2) Knowledge and Idea to create webpage with html code and JavaScript’s, (3) Credit Card, (4) Keywords which displays high paying Ads.
In India, not every person is having the above things, even though if you have all the above knowledge but keywords play a vital role in getting high paid ads.
So to avoid all these problems and to make the Google Adsense business acceptable to everyone EAC acts as a mediator. EAC provides you a ready-made website in your name with complete web designing filled with Google’s Ads. EAC provides your Google Adsense Account’s User ID and Password for checking your daily transaction and income details up to date in your account. Your payment makes in Indian Currency. With EAC you don’t need any Credit Card.
In short EAC sets the platform for you; just you have to collect money as much as you can. No one will stop you.

Who else can start? Is there any age limit?
Anyone can start with basic knowledge of Internet surfing & English. There is no Age limit.
Yes! Wow that’s quite interesting tell me how to get started with EAC?
Good! To get started is very simple to fill-up the registration form and send it to us alongwith registration fee.

Is the business a genuine one? Am I receiving my payment in time?
Yes, of course its genuine one, no doubt about it. Here you are working for Google World’s No.1 website for search. Google is having its offices in India, too. There won’t be any problem in payment; you’ll get the payment in time.
We give 100% guarantee about it until and unless you work as per the terms and conditions and the working policy of Google and EAC.
The business is legal, because it helps everyone in the market. The advertisers are happy because their Ads are being viewed by millions of viewers across the world. Google gets their money from Advertisers for their support & atlast we get our commission from Google for our work.